Testing Is Costing You Money

You need to write automated tests to save money.

Testing software manually is a tedious and repetitive task. Every time we write code, we need to perform tests to ensure it works. We could take the time to run those tests from hours to minutes by automating them. The cost of running automated tests over and over is insignificant to the amount of time it saves engineers.

Write Meaningful Tests

In a perfect world, we would write tests to cover all areas of our codebase, but we may not have the time to do that. We need a way to maximize the impact of the tests we write.

Testing small portions of code responsible for calculations is a good start. We want to make sure specific test cases give us our desired output. Isolating a piece of code lets us catch bugs early that would take us much longer manually.

Testing the flow of data helps maximize the effectiveness of our tests. It gives us confidence that the different parts of our codebase work as intended when connected. We can replace manual tests like clicking a button and waiting for an intended result with an automated one. Not only does it save us the time to do it ourselves, but it gets tested in seconds every time we make a change.

Test suite

Automated tests sound great so far - we're already saving hours of time and effort. The tests we write run the same every time. They record detailed information on every success and failure. Your tests can run thousands of test cases you couldn't physically do for each release.

Make Huge Impacts

Writing meaningful tests lets you ship faster. You're reducing the feedback and testing cycle to mere minutes.

Writing automated tests is easy and rewards you with huge impacts on the whole organization. The time you save from automating tests allows your team to focus on bringing value to your users. Magically you have more time to polish, validate and confidently ship code.

Get to market fast with a product you can be confident in.